Sister Chapter Program

Sister Chapter Program

PTPI’s Sister Chapter Program pairs a participating Community, University or Student Chapter with a Chapter in a different country. Through communicating and completing joint projects, Sister Chapter members learn about a new country and culture. PTPI Sister Chapters truly further the mission of PTPI and make a difference in the world! Deadline for applications is November 1.

BenefitsSister Chaper

  • Exposure to other parts of the world.
  • Engage in citizen diplomacy with people in other countries with diverse cultures.
  • Learning about another country and culture through direct contact.
  • Considering issues of global concern from a different perspective.
  • Exchanging ideas and experiences.
  • Opportunities to work on joint projects with your Sister Chapter.
  • Developing friendships that can last a lifetime.
  • Provide chapter members with an option for fun and educational travel opportunities.
  • Strengthening your chapter by learning from your Sister Chapter.


PTPI Chapters are encouraged to register for this program. Registration form can be found online. Deadline is November 1.

Matching Process

PTPI will do its best to provide a chapter with a requested region (within the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East/Africa regions) and also will match according to similar chapter size and interests. Chapters are matched as quickly as possible. English will serve as the common language, unless otherwise decided by the Partner Chapters.

Student Chapters are matched with chapters that have a similar number of chapter members of similar age. The process depends on the availability of chapters in your chapter members’ age range in the countries that you request on the registration form. Student Chapters will be matched for one program year with a Sister Chapter. If all program requirements are fulfilled in the first year, chapters may request to be matched with the same chapter and be matched with an additional chapter in subsequent years.

Getting Started

Once two chapters are matched, contact details will be exchanged between the Sister Chapter Presidents, so that they may begin communicating directly. The name, e-mail, phone number and mailing address of the Sister Chapter President will be provided. It may be desirable to have a chapter member volunteer as the main contact. A Sister Chapter Coordinator position could be created or the responsibilities could be merged with an existing position, such as the Homestay Coordinator. It is highly advisable that the main contact person has an email account and is knowledgeable about sharing photos and documents online. Following are some simple suggestions to establish a successful partnership:

  • Send a short email introducing your chapter along with group photos (if available).
  • Gather and share information about your Partner Chapter's country.
  • Learn about each other's current and past chapter projects.
  • Collaborate on a project (humanitarian, educational and/or cultural program).
  • Review current projects, accomplishments and future plans, and share that information with your Partner Chapter.
  • Submit a quarterly synopsis to PTPI World Headquarters of the Partner Chapter experience to include in PTPI publications and social media.

Project Ideas and Activities

  • Newsletter exchanges.
  • Share ideas on chapter programs (see Chapter Manual).
  • Exchange ideas on recruiting and retaining members.
  • Share information on chapters' communities, cultural and historical attractions.
  • Organize a joint cultural or educational program, in which each chapter participates.
  • Links on each chapter's website to the other chapter's website (if applicable).
  • Create a pen pal program for members and their families.
  • Provide homestay opportunities for chapter members who are traveling.
  • Organize travel to participating Sister Chapter (if possible).
  • Plan a social activity during PTPI Worldwide Conferences.