Regional Meetings

Regional Meetings

One of the ways that different chapters stay in touch and gain inspiration from each other is through Regional Meetings. These meetings are organized by a European chapter in collaboration with PTPI's European Office. Chapters are welcome to organise these meetings at any time of the year.

Possible aims

  • To gather all of the given country's chapters
  • To meet new people from other countries, especially the neighbouring ones
  • To learn about other chapters and PTPI as an organisation
  • To be inspired by other PTPI chapters' experiences
  • To discuss issues that are of relevance to all of the chapters
  • To learn about the given country's culture and sights

The participants are mainly members of chapters from the hosting country, but any PTPI member is welcome to join. A Homestay is often offered the guests by the hosting chapter, and there is also usually some sightseeing incorporated in the program. 

Regional Meeting in Romania Regional Meeting in Katowice

However, the main focus is on the management of the different chapters. Thus, activities such as role playing, workshops, lectures, and PTPI World Café allow the participants to reflect upon and debate issues that the hosting chapter has found relevant to address. These have previously included:

  • Leadership development
  • Furthering of teambuilding skills
  • Chapter cooperation
  • Membership recruitment 
  • Communication within and between chapters

It is possible to apply for PTPI funding, but the meetings have to cover their own costs.

In earlier years the Regional Meetings have been held in the following cities, amongst other places: