Meet the Diplomats

Meet the Diplomats

This program offers an exciting opportunity for foreign diplomats and embassy staff to travel outside their city of assignment to various parts of the country and to experience local life and culture. The program can include meetings with local officials and media as well as study visits to businesses, factories, farms, universities, etc., all arranged to accommodate the diplomat's professional and personal interest. Accommodations will be with a local family. Through this "grass roots" experience the international representatives will experience firsthand the variety of local culture and the diversity of its people in the true people-to-people atmosphere.

In return, the program gives an opportunity to local PTPI chapters to improve their understanding of other societies, including the people, their values, culture and goals. Through contact with sophisticated representatives of other countries, they also gain a broader global perspective of their country’s relations with other countries.

For more information about Meet the Diplomats please contact the European Office.

PTPI's Karlstad, Sweden Chapter October 11, 2006 (Newsletter 2006:4)

Public Counselor Robert Hilton’s visit to Värmland was an exceptional way to pay tribute to former President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s founding of PTPI 50 years ago and an added bonus for our young chapter’s first year anniversary celebration! His visit was beneficial in strengthening our ties and future international exchanges between the PTPI chapters of US and PTPI Värmland, Sweden and ongoing and future projects to be initiated within Värmland County. Most importantly, it is also a very unique program that enables the Swedish people, especially for youth, to meet diplomatic personnel and vice versa – an equally rewarding experience for all. All of which is in line with our organization’s mission and goals for peace through understanding.

Meet the Diplomats - Sweden

Thirty seventh grade school students were able to meet Mr. Hilton on Friday. The students and their teacher received books about the US, its people and culture. They participated in an enlightening “question and answer session” with Mr. Hilton. The students had prepared questions that were as varied as wanting to know his favorite foods to his view on the war in Iraq. Afterwards, Mr. Hilton was welcomed for coffee and refreshments and a presentation. CEO, Peter Holm, of Löfbergs Lila gave a private tour of one of the largest coffee plants in Sweden. The final stop of the day was at the Karlstad's Praktiska Gymnasium (Karlstad’s Vocational High-School) where PTPI's Värmland Vice President, Christina Leander, is also the principal of this newly opened vocational high school. First to greet us was the local newspaper, Värmland’s Folkblad (VF), on hand to interview Mr. Hilton and PTPI Värmland. A small presentation of the school was given, followed by a Power Point presentation of PTPI’s Värmland Chapter. Mr. Hilton met some of our youth members including Johanna Uddh, who also attended the Global Youth Forum in Kansas City in November. The evening was rounded off with a casual dinner at a genuine harbor restaurant by Lake Vänern.