International Visitors Program - Homestay

The International Visitors Program is a cultural interaction experience in which members of PTPI's worldwide chapters are offered the opportunity to meet members of chapters in other countries and experience their way of life. It is a great chance to visit local places of interest, to expereince the local food and culture and of course, make new friends. 

This is all done through host chapter members who provide Homestays for visitors from other countries, by inviting them into their homes to spend time with them for a few days. In return, the host families get the chance to connect with people from other nations, which helps to create a mutual understanding of each other's culture.

The homestay admin fee is 35 EUR per homestay in Europe, and 60 USD when visiting overseas chapters, which is paid to the hosting chapter. Visitors must cover their own travel costs and insurance. They must also cover the costs of local visits, meals taken outside of the host family home and for any items they wish to buy. The hosts provide accommodation and breakfast. 

Find more information on the International Visitors Program here.

There are other meetings hosted by local chapters, where groups come together to have fun. For example, there is an all Swiss Meeting that takes place each year supported by the chapters of Zurich, Bern and Interlaken. Everyone is welcome to attend and people stay in local hostels, hotels or B&B's as there are too many people to Homestay. 

There are also other opportunities to travel with other members of PTPI to fantastic locations around the world.  PTPI International offers many wonderful locations to visit each year. And, PTPI Europe will provide a number of travel items to complement locally, what is already on offer from World HQ.  In January 2015, a Nordic team will visit New Zealand and we are lookig forward to hearing all about this.

While PTPI encourages cultural interactions between members worldwide, all members should be aware that if they are participating in a homestay that is not arranged through PTPI World Headquarters, PTPI will not accept liability or assist in the case of any emergency, including medical complications and/or any other issue which may arise during the course of a homestay. Host families and visitors who participate outside the auspices of an official PTPI homestay are responsible for any medical or travel emergency during the course of a visit. To determine if a homestay activity has been officially organized through PTPI, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Guide to Comenius Individual Pupil Mobility

Berlin 2012

In April 2012, two young memebrs of PTPI´s Varna, Bulgaria Student "The Dolphins" Chapter, came to visit Berlin where they were hosted by Hans-Dieter Robel, member of the Berlin chapter. During the stay, they visited the most well known sights of the city such as the the Dome, the Reichstag Building, the Wall museum, and the Victory Coloumn. the also came  to visit PTPI´s European Office and they met the staff. They had a very nice stay in the German capital and they recommend to everyone to enjoy the homestay experience since it makes you enter in contact with friends from all over the world.

Breakfast in Berlin

 Interlaken 2011

In June 2011, PTPI´s Interlaken Switzerland Chapter hosted 38 American students in Bödeli. The chapter´s homestay coordinator Cindy Mühlemann found accommodation to in different families to all the students. This exchange turned out to be a great success. They experienced an excursion in the Alps, a visit to a local school, and many others interesting things. The experience of homestay is once more highly recommended.