Interlaken 2007

European Conference 2007
Interlaken, Switzerland

It was very nice to meet you all in Interlaken. From the organising committee we would like thank you for coming and we hope that you had a very good time and a safe journey home.

See you all in Rimini in May next year!

Ernest Wälti, Rolf Dahlberg

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Date/Time  Events
Before conference           Optional Homestay
Homestay in any of the four Swiss chapters
Thursday May 17 Optional programs; Young Generation Day – open for all participants
Arrival & RegistrationHotel Du Nord, Interlaken
 14:00-15:30 Sightseeing: Old town of Bönigen (houses built 16th - 19th century)
 14:00-16:00 Sightseeing: Ringgenberg /Goldswil (castle, ruins of  the first church in the region, built 1000 years ago)
 14:00-17:25 Boat trip to Giessbach (waterfalls)
 19:00 YG-Meeting, Dinner (typical Swiss food), in Daniel’s window factory (Bankwerkstatt), Interlaken West
Friday May 18 Arrival and registration - City Walks
 11:00 Arrival and registration at Hotel Du Nord, Interlaken
 14:00 City sight seeing in Interlaken
 15:15 - 16:45 Board of Trustees meeting (Hotel Du Nord - afternoon)
 19:00 Welcome Aperitif (Alphorn-trio) Hotel Du Nord
 19:30 Dinner and entertainment Hotel Du Nord
Saturday May 19 Council meeting and Chapter Fair
 8:00 - 8:30 Conference and council meeting Registration
 8:30 Arrival of delegates
 8:45 Conference sessions Aula Secondary School, Alpenstrasse 23
Coffee Break
Conference continues (including speaker, chapter fair)
Coffee Break
 17:00 Aperitif (Aula - Alpenstrasse 23)
 19:15 Dinner and Ball in Hotel Royal-St.Georges
Sunday May 20 Excursion day
 8:30 Famous places in the Bernese Alps: Lauterbrunnen, Mürren (1645 m) – lunch, Trümmelbachfälle (waterfalls inside a mountain)
 14:00 Return to Interlaken. Possibility to return after lunch.
Excursion continues
 16:00 Departures
Homestay starts


Interlaken - The City

It is nothing extraordinary for a place to be on a river, a lake or by the sea. But that it is situated between two lakes is practically unique. Interlaken can be proud of this unequalled situation between the Lakes of Thun and Brienz. However, the vicinity of the mountains and the view of the world famous trio of peaks, Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, are equally a part of this holiday resort rich in tradition, in the centre of the Bernese Oberland holiday region.

How the 'Boedeli' and Interlaken originated

Three rivers – the Aare, the Lombach and the Lütschine – with their drift deposits in the course of the millenniums separated the Wendelsee, which had been formed during the glacier period, into the two lakes of today and filled in the 'Boedeli' (little ground). On this slightly inclined plain of around 35 square kilometres, with the river Aare flowing through it, the five villages Wilderswil, Bönigen, Matten, Unterseen and, as the biggest and best known settlement today, Interlaken, developed. Together they comprise close to 20 000 inhabitants.

Good reasons for coming to Interlaken

  • Its unique position.
    Interlaken lies at 1870 ft (563 m) above sea level, in the heart of Switzerland and of Europe – in the Bernese Oberland. Rail and road connections link Interlaken with the airports of Zurich, Geneva, Basel and Berne, as well as with the most important cities in Switzerland and the rest of the world.
  • Its healthy climate.
    The climate is one of Interlaken's greatest advantages; it is sub alpine and yet mild; sudden rises and falls in temperature, wet fog and cutting winds are practically unknown. The spreading broad-leaved and coniferous forests surrounding the town and the vicinity of the glacier have proved to be reliable stabilizers.
  • Its 'hotellerie' of age-old tradition.
    The visitor will find accommodation in 63 hotels, motels and pensions offering a total capacity of more than 4500 beds. About 1000 beds are available in holiday flats, modern apartments or cozy farmhouse style rooms. In addition, seven camping grounds with capacity for 6000 persons are to be found in the area between the lakes of Thun and Brienz.
  • Its variety within shortest distances.
    Mild, lake-bank - high alpine glacier world, gently flowing rivers - thundering waterfalls, unpretentious inns - modern first class hotels. Between these apparent extremes a multitude of tourist attractions are waiting to be discovered ... in an area of 15 X 15 miles, i.e. comparable to the city limits of any well-known town.
  • Its place of interest and its entertainment.
    The Höheweg, the business and social centre of Interlaken is an avenue of about 700 m length with hotels, souvenir shops, cafés, fashion and watch shops, jewellers, a number of parks and a blaze of flower beds. The Kursaal, built in 1859 and renovated in 1968, is where everybody in Interlaken meets, where they listen to concerts, play 'boule', go to the theatre or wander through the beautiful park with its colourful flower clock and the delightfully old-fashioned gaslights. The young and young at heart can enjoy themselves in the many discotheques and night clubs.
  • Its attractive excursions.
    Facilities for excursions are almost unlimited. The following are but a few of the highlights: The Jungfraujoch and its railway station, the highest in Europe, or the Schilthorn, Europe's longest aerial cableway, the popular boat trips on the lakes of Thun and Brienz, the frequently visited Beatus caves, the open-air museum at Ballenberg near Brienz or the many castles and ruins in the immediate surroundings
  • Its vast variety of sports facilities.
    Interlaken can really offer the sports fan all his heart desires in summer as well as in winter: rambling, biking, high alpine touring and climbing, sailing, surfing, swimming, river-rafting, tennis, hang gliding, riding, golf, downhill and cross-country skiing, tobogganing and ice skating.
  • Its Swiss hospitality.
    Interlaken's experts in the field of tourism and those of the Jungfrau Region are people of international experience. They not only know how to make the beauties of their holiday region available for the enjoyment of their visitors, but they also look after their resorts with the same care and devotion as they do the comfort and well-being of their guests. Swiss hospitality is at home in Interlaken: the visitor will feel it when he comes here.

Minutes and Evaluation

List of Participants

136 Participants


Shpetim Dyrmishi
Barjam Haxhisala
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Genci Muca
Aleksander Ndina
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Evis Sferdelli


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Veronica Kobel
Simon Krebs
Ulrich Krebs (Hika)
Ulrich Krebs (Thun)
Claudia Mariani

List of Sponsors

We thank the conference sponsors for making the event possible:

Institutional sponsors

City of Interlaken
Emmi AG, Luzern
Hallwag / Kümmerly & Frey AG, Bern
Kirchhofer AG, Interlaken
People to People International
PTPI Europe
PTPI Interlaken/Berner Oberland Chapter
Presence Switzerland, Bern
Die Schweizerische Post, Bern
UBS Bank, Interlaken
Swiss Media AG, Bulle
Zweifel Pomy-Chips AG
Rugenbräu Getränke AG, Interlaken
Zentrum Artos, Interlaken
Swarosky Boutique Silvia, Interlaken
Jungfraubahnen, Interlaken
Schilthornbahn, Interlaken
Royal Swiss Gift shop, Interlaken
Oehrli Uhren Schmuck AG, Interlaken
Funora Uhren Schmuck GmbH, Interlaken
Häsler Foto, Interlaken
Ed. Jobin AG, wood carving, BrienzHapimag /Belvédère, Resort/Restaurant, Interlaken
Francon Souvenirs, Cuckoo Clocks, Knives, Interlaken
Pizpaz, Italian Pizzeria, Interlaken
Pharmacy Dr. G. Bichsel, Interlaken
Swiss Chocolate Chalet, Interlaken
Ricola AG, Confiseriefabrik, Laufen
Chocolatier Grand Restaurant Schuh AG, Interlaken
Schuhmacher AG, Bookbinding Industry, Schmitten

Individual sponsors

Denise & Thomas Ammann-Girard
Hannelore & Peter Buechler
Otto Burri
Barbara Capozzi
Mary Jean Eisenhower
Raelene Herzig
Martine & Ernst Honegger
Brigitte & Gerhard Kasigkeit
Ulrich & Simon Krebs
Cynthia Lewis
Leila & Andrew Martin
Genci Mucaj
Maggie Mullaj
Lars Poignant
Julia & Hans Randau
Myriam & Daniel Schaubacher Taes
Dagmar Schönbeck
Courtney & Scott Stoddard
Agnes & Brian Tetlow
Len Tharney