Denmark 2006

European Conference 2006
Køge, Denmark May 26-28

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Dear PTPI friends,

We spent some intensive and cheerful days at PTPI's European Conference in Køge, Denmark, from May 26 to 28, 2006. Thank you all for contributing to this event! It was a special joy for all guests to join People to People Denmark in celebrating their 40th anniversary. Happy anniversary!

We hope that you all feel inspired and motivated after having exchanged your views and experiences in Denmark!            

Here are some pictures from the conference.

Thanks for coming!

Organizing Committee, PTPI European Conference 2006                         

Participants PTPI members and friends
Language English
Date May 26-28, 2006
Place Køge, Denmark
Organizers PTP Denmark, PTPI Europe
Sponsors People to People International, People to People Europe









Conference Program

Friday May 26
8.30 - 11.00
PTPI Executive Committee Meeting
Hotel Niels Juel
10.00 - 18.30
Hotel Niels Juel
11.00 - 13.15
Guided City walk
Get to know the Medieval town of Køge
14.00 - 16.00
PTPI European Board of Trustees Meeting
Hotel Niels Juel
Informal dress code, Hotel Niels Juel Restaurant
Saturday, May 27
8.00 - 8.45
9.00 - 12.30
European Council's Annual Meeting
Conference Session
10.30 - 11.00
Coffee break
Conference session continues
12.30 - 14.00
Hotel Niels Juel
14.00 - 17.00
Chapters presentations & Workshops
Coffee break
Evening reception and Banquet
Hotel Niels Juel
Sunday, May 28
9.45 - 15.00
Day excursion
Bus leave from Hotel Niels Juel.
Stevns Klint, Præstø og Næstved.
Sightseeing and lunch.

Køge Town

The Medieval Town of Køge

Køge is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Denmark. It was founded by royal orders and built close to the coast with a regular street system around a large central market square. The town was granted a municipal charter in 1288 and fortified with ramparts, moats and large town gates. However, this was not sufficient to prevent the Holsteiners from burning down the town in the mid-1300s. The medieval harbor was located at the end of Brogade off Fændediget, where a small angling pier can still be found today. All trade took place in the market square, which also formed the setting for major events like jousting tournaments and public punishment.

Around 1400, Køge had become an enterprising commercial center, and over the following 250 years it developed into one of the leading market towns on Zealand. No other town has got so many well-preserved half-timbered old houses and medieval cellars as Køge, and in "Kirkestræde" you will find Denmark´s oldest house with a date on it (1527). The only parish church in town, St. Nicolai, was much extended in the 1400s. The tower was made higher to serve as lighthouse with a ledge holding a lamp on the side facing the large new harbor at the mouth of the river. Shortly after the Reformation in 1536, a large new town hall was built from bricks originating from demolished ecclesiastical buildings. This town hall is today Denmark's oldest still in use. Its dungeons held the unfortunate women, at least 15, who were burned at the stake after the great witch trial in the early 1600s.

During the war against Sweden (1658-60), Køge was occupied by Swedish troops, a fatal blow which was hardly overcome until the industrialization in the late 1800s when the opening of the railway line resulted in the establishment of major industries. Today, Køge is once again an active commercial center and port, with an extraordinarily well-preserved city center, created by visionary people more than 700 years ago.

Participants and Sponsors


Olda Cico
Genci Mucaj
Shpetim Dyrmishi
Xhevdet Llozi
Alesja Llozi
Dhimo Bullari
Fatbardha Bullari


Wendy Haccuria
Blanche Peycker


Anna Marie Bohsen
Finn Ritz Jörgensen
Bruna Jörgensen
Karen Margrethe Kristensen
Svenn Erik Kristensen
Gunild Bogdahn
Thea Lauridsen
Peter Tage
Ulla Tage


Leila Martin
Andrew Martin
Brian Teltow
Agnes Teltow
Peter Whitby
Elisabeth Whitby
Heather Exell
Stuart Exell


Ruta Pels


Karin Lehmann
Christian Lehmann
Lars Poignant
Verena Denk
Hans-Dieter Robel
Dagmar Schönbeck
Hannelore Büchler
Peter Büchler
Susanne Truelsen
Brigitte Kasigkeit
Gerhard Kasigkeit
Annick Debien
Graziella Queron
Anne HawksworthItaly


Hans Randau
Anikó Bedekovits-Garami
Gergely Kiss


Chiara Pedretti


Olga Gravem
Paul Egil Gravem


Iwona Zyman


Corina Tofan
Dorina Cornelia Cepalis
Ivona Toader
Carmen Hbous
Bogdan Tamba


Diana Belan
Inna Geleverya
Tatiana Alekhina
Oksana Tokareva
Oleg Preobrazhenskii


Rolf Dahlberg
Antoinette Mc Intyre-Andersson
Pia Hird Jonasson


Cornelia Siegenthaler
Erika Stritt
Felix Engler
Marie-Anne Aebi
Veronika Aebi
Ruth van der Loo
Ernst Honegger
Martine Honegger
Isabel Haenni
Otto Burri
Susanne Kaiser
Susanne Krebs-Feuz
Ulrich Krebs-Feuz
Malika Conus
Ulrich Krebs
Simon Krebs
Anna Bühler
Milou Obrecht
Kai Warszas


Mary Eisenhower
Brooks Herman
Elly Washington
Anita Manuel
James Malouff
Marsha Wallace
Len Tharney
Ted Britton

Local Organising Commitee

Karen Margrethe Kristensen
Bruna Jörgensen
Svenn Erik Kristensen

Conference Sponsors

People to People International
Genci Mucaj
Ernst Honegger
Martine Honegger
Lars Poignant
Hans Randau
Len Tharney