Artistic Ambassador

Artistic Ambassador

Within the scope of PTPI's mission, chapters are encouraged to include artistic programs among their activities. The programs may be of various kinds and are a great benefit for artists, members, PTPI and the general public. 

  • PTPI's Berlin, Germany Chapter organised an Italian concert. Chapter member and singer Jacopo performed for 50 members and guests.
  • The Music Committee of PTPI's Chester, England Chapter offers scholarships for young musicians. Each year there is a public performance in Chester with young music scholars.
  • PTPI's Angoul√™me, France Chapter offers artistic programs. In 2001, the chapter organised a festival for young cartoonists. In 2006 there was a display of Mongolian art in cooperation with PTPI's Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Chapter. Recently the chapter has displayed art in Estonia together with PTPI's Tallinn Estonia Chapter.
  • Students in primary, middle and secondary-school may participate in PTPI's Global Youth Murals Project at which murals are created worldwide. Selected murals will be awarded and displayed for the general public.
  • In 2007 PTPI's Plovdiv, Bulgaria Chapter organised a photo exhibition: Art against racism. The exhibition was displayed in four different European cities.
  • In Sternberk, Czech Republic the local chapter organised a film festival in June-August 2010. Each Friday the audience enjoyed a film and food from a different European country. The films were shown in the courtyard of the old monastery.
  • PTPI's Milano, Italy Chapter has had exchanges with several chapters in Europe combining their members' interest for dance. Chapter member Chiara Pedretti has performed at several European Conferences and PTPI's Worldwide Conference.


The programs are self-financed. It is possible to seek sponsors and/or to apply for PTPI support from the Chapter Matching Grant Program or the European Program Fund.

Public Relations

Artistic programs offer a very good chance to share information about PTPI and our programs. Announcement to the event can be sent to local media including statements about PTPI.