Structure of People to People International

Board of Directors

Composed by twenty-one nominated voting members, the Board of Directors is the heart of the organization. It manages PTPI's property, affairs, and activities and determines its policy. The Board of Directors supervises World Headquarters's work.

Board of Trustees

At least seventy nominated members serve the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees assists the Board of Directors in promoting PTPI's mission.

Global Chapter network

PTPI's members are active in local organizations called chapters. These chapters are established by the Board of Directors and administrated by PTPI's staff. Chapters implement PTPI's vision locally. Read more about chapters here.

World Headquarters

Located in Kansas City, in the United States, World Headquarters is the principal administrative office of PTPI. The staff of the organization implements the Board of Directors' policy and manages the day-to-day administrative work of PTPI.

PTPI European Office

The European Office supports the European PTPI chapters and coordinates PTPI activities in Europe. It fulfills the following tasks:

  • Chapter and membership development in Europe
  • Promotion of standing programs and program development in Europe
  • Facilitating the effective networking within Europe and between Europe and other PTPI councils
  • Maintaining the Web site of People to People International Europe

PTPI's European Council

The People to People International chapters all over the world are organized in councils. There are twelve American Councils, the Asian Council and the European Council which is also called People to People International-Europe (PTPI Europe). PTPI's European Council consists of chapters and members in Europe.

All European PTPI members are invited to the European Conference that takes place once a year – each year in a different country. During the conference the major bodies of the European Council are elected.

European Representative Board (ERB)

The European Representative Board consists of one representative of each chapter; in most cases the representative is also the chapter president. The European Representative Board is subject to relevant European law, PTPI's Articles of Incorporation as well as the By-laws of PTPI and PTPI Europe. Its function is to supervise, control, direct and manage the property, affairs and activities of PTPI Europe, to determine its policies, to do any and all lawful things for and on behalf of PTPI Europe and to seek the effectuation of its objectives and purposes.

European Executive Committee (EEC)

The European Executive Committee (EEC) is elected by the European Representative Board and has five members. It meets twice a year: during the European Conference and at a separate meeting held mid-term. The EEC represents PTPI Europe during the calendar year and reports to the European Representative Board at the European Conference. Link to officers of the EEC.

The European Conference - an international event

Every year, the European chapters and members are invited to the European Conference. It is a high-light of the PTPI year in Europe. Link to conference details.

Reports and Minutes

 Year Annual Report  Meeting Minutes 
2008 Report 2007 Minutes Rimini
2009 Report 2008 Minutes Montpellier
2010 Report 2009 Minutes Pécs
2011 Report 2010 Minutes Katowice
2012 Report 2011 Minutes Tallinn
2013 Report 2012 Minutes Varna
2014 Report 2013 Minutes Tirana
2015 Report 2014 Minutes Berlin
2016 Report 2015 Minutes Roman