Mission and Beliefs 2014

People to People International

Connecting People and Cultures around the Globe

The vision of People to People International is that a network of culturally knowledgeable global citizens will be an active force in creating and sustaining a more peaceful world.

Believing that it is through connecting people across borders and cultures that we build the relationships that create understanding, the mission of People to People International is to offer multinational experiences that foster cross cultural learning, develop global leadership skills, and connect with an international network of people committed to making a positive difference in the world.

Because in an increasingly interconnected world, success in making a positive difference will come to those best prepared to work and lead across borders and divides, People to People International provides innovative ways for people to experience, learn, lead, and connect.

  • Experience: Experiencing people and places in a manner that leads to personal and professional growth
  • Learn: Learning about emerging countries, trends, economies, voices and needs in order to acquire global 
cultural competence
  • Lead: Leading from a global perspective of knowledge and understanding
  • Connect: Connecting with today and tomorrow’s leaders through a world-wide network
  • All leading to making a positive difference in the world 


Looking for something different?

PTPI Europe assists in creating, developing, and connecting the global leaders of today and tomorrow by offering international 'people to people' experiences such as Travel, HomeStays, Internships, Conferences, and Workshops. These experiences help break down cultural barriers and replace them with cultural understanding.

With a network of over 27,000 members and 275 chapters around the world, in addition to its expertise and training in global cultural skills, PTPI offers the perfect opportunity to become an active participant and leader in an increasingly interconnected world. From personal international experiences that will enrich your life, to potential professional networking, PTPI is the difference you are looking for.

Make a difference in the world and in your life - become part of People to People International today!

Our Scope


Established in 1956, People to People International (PTPI) has reached more than 130 countries with people of all ages participating in our programs. It is a voluntary effort of private citizens promoting international understanding through direct people-to-people contacts.

PTPI is dedicated to enhancing cross-cultural communication within and across communities and nations. Tolerance and mutual understanding are central themes. While not a partisan or political institution, PTPI supports the basic values and goals of its founder, President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

PTPI is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization with World Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri USA ( PTPI's European Office is registeterd in Brussels, Belgium. PTPI qualifies for exemption from income tax under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3). The organization is funded by program fees, membership dues, and donations.