Start a chapter

How to start a PTPI Chapter

Chapters – What is a chapter?

Chapters are groups that carry out PTPI’s mission on a local level.
There are two types of chapters, depending on the age structure of the members. Student chapters are composed by members ages 13-18 and community chapters by members above 18. Chapters are required to have at least ten members and, in the case of a chapter started by students, at least one adult.

Programs – What does a chapter do?

PTPI chapters implement the mission of PTPI on a local level and reflect the organization’s principles by:

  • Creating cultural experiences
  • Learning about emerging global viewpoints and trends
  • Providing opportunities for global leadership
  • Connecting members with a global network

All chapters are encouraged to participate in at least four PTPI activities each year, ideally one for each of the four pillars of PTPI’s mission: Experience, Learn, Lead, Connect. Chapters are also encouraged to identify service projects that aim to make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of others.
Get inspired by the program examples of PTPI’s Global Chapter Network.

How to get your chapter started

  1. Find members: contact friends, community leaders and others you believe would be interested in forming a chapter. Seek out a core group of at least ten people.
  2. Hold a planning/organizational meeting of your core group.
  3. Apply for a PTPI Chapter Charter: submit your Chapter Membership List, Chapter Project Plans, and signed Chapter Bylaws to PTPI World Headquarters ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). You will then receive a Chapter Charter Application, which you will sign and return before the chapter is officially chartered.
  4. Enjoy the satisfaction and friendships which your new PTPI chapter will provide!

Finances of a chapter

Chapters handle their own finances. Chapters finance their activities by collecting membership dues, fees for programs (i.e. local events or offering homestay to international visitors), donations, fundraising, and applying for PTPI Chapter Project Grants. PTPI staff assists chapters with project ideas, in seeking partnerships, and when applying for financial support.

PTPI Chapter Payments are due annually, and the payments are structured based on zones that correspond to countries’ Gross National Income according to the United Nations.


Each chapter is responsible for submitting reports to PTPI as they complete projects. Reports are submitted using an online reporting form.