PTPI chapters implement the mission of PTPI on a local level and reflect the organization’s principles. In other words, chapters think globally and act locally. Chapters can participate in as many standing programs of PTPI as they wish. They can also carry out projects and activities developed on their own initiative.

There are two types of chapters, depending on the age structure of the members:

  • Student Chapter
  • Community Chapter

Any ten people can start a chapter. The exact procedures are explained here: How to start a chapter.

European chapters

Country Chapter Type Offers
Sister Chapter Meet the Diplomats
Albania Gjirokastra Community Homestay Blagoevgrad
Albania Korca Community Homestay
Albania Tirana Community
Albania Tirana (Horizon) Student
Armenia Yerevan Community LAP Atlanta
Armenia Yerevan University LAP
Azerbaijan Baku Community
Belgium Brussels Community Homestay
Bulgaria Blagoevgrad University Gjirokaster
Bulgaria Botevgrad Community
Bulgaria Burgas (The Vectors) Student
Bulgaria Plovdiv (The Smiles) Student
Bulgaria Pravets Student
Bulgaria Provadia Student
Bulgaria Razlog Student
Bulgaria Sofia Student
Bulgaria Varna (The Dolphins) Student Homestay LAP
Czech Republic Sternberk Community
Denmark North-Jutland Community Homestay
Denmark South-Jutland Community Homestay
Denmark Zealand Community Homestay
England Chester Community Homestay
England Sunderland University
Estonia Tallinn Community
France Angoulême Community Homestay
Germany Berlin Community Homestay
Germany Berlin Student
Italy Florence Community
Italy Milano Community Homestay
Italy Rome Student
Kosovo Klina Student
Lithuania Vilkaviskis Student
Macedonia Skopje Community
Macedonia Skopje Student
Moldova Chisinau Community Roman
Montenegro Podgorica Community
Poland Katowice (Silesian) Student St. Louis
Poland Warsaw Community Homestay
Romania Alexandria Student
Romania Bucharest Community Day hosting Interlaken
Romania Iasi Community Homestay
Romania Lugoj Community LAP
Romania Roman Community Homestay LAP Bern, Chisinau
Romania Vaslui (Mihail Kogalniceanu) Student LAP Central Valley
Russia Elista Student
Russia Kurchatov Student
Russia Novosibirsk Student
Russia Vladivostok Community Greater Phoenix
Serbia Belgrade Community
Switzerland Bern Community Homestay Mombasa, Roman
Switzerland Interlaken Community Homestay Bucharest
Switzerland Zürich Community Homestay
Turkey Izmir Community
Ukraine Cherkasy (Light the Way) Student
Ukraine Kharkiv Community
Ukraine Kharkiv (Children to Children) Student
Ukraine Khmelnytskyi (Young Leaders) Student
Ukraine Kiev Community
Ukraine Kiev (Kyivites) Student
Ukraine Konotop (Unity) Student
Ukraine Zalishchyky Student